Paul’s prayer for the Ephesians (Ephesians 3:14-21)

Even though the name Christian hadn’t been around yet, (at the time Ephesians was written they would have been called followers of the way) Paul is given prophetic insight to see that those in heaven and on earth would be called Christians. We get our name from Christ.

Paul’s prayer focuses on:
Being strengthened.
Christ dwell in their hearts
Rooted and established in love
Have the power to grasp God’s love
To know God’s love
Filled with God

This prayer that Paul has for the Ephesians focuses on love. Even the two parts that don’t mention love directly do correlate to love. For without strength we cannot obey God and follow the commands God has for us. (John 14:21) and the same with God dwelling in our hearts which is what enables everything else. All of these parts build upon one another. From having strength to follow God we can then have Christ dwell within us. Then being rooted in love, we are then able to grasp and know God’s love which then leads to being filled with love.

And concludes with who he is praying to. Namely that he is praying to God is capable even beyond our imagination.

In the past I’ve focused on God being able to do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine. But now I think why don’t we pray and ask for God to do as much as we can imagine? Often my prayers are limited and don’t reflect me believing that God can do more. In my prayers I often find myself limiting God instead of seeking His will and seeking to do more than we would normally expect. My prayers need to be big to reflect my belief in a big sovereign God.

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