Who is your God?

Recently God has been laying on my heart a fairly simple concept I feel compelled to share. It simply amounts to what you believe about God.

There is a trend to avoid any discussion with big philosophical words in our society because we want to be lazy. So when a person at church mentions the word Theology there is a normal reaction to tune out the speaker. However, the concept of theology really shouldn’t be a difficult one. It simply means who you believe God is. This is all well and good, but what God has been speaking to me on much more practical.

I shall pose it as a simple question: If you believe something, do you not  act on it?

This question is not one of specifics, but rather is a matter of figuring out what we truly believe. If you believe God is an infinite all powerful God who is able to do what every he wills, do we then act like God could do anything He wants?

If you believe God is holy do you try to bring sin into his presence?

If you believe God is all powerful do you believe that He could and would protect the integrity of His word? Specifically do you believe God can keep His word free from error?

If you do believe He can keep the Bible free from error, do you then believe what it says is true? Namely that whatever He calls sin is sin?

If you believe God can keep his Word free from error do you then try to rationalize taking the side of some movement that sets itself up against the Bible?

If you believe God is just, do you believe God can let sin go unpunished?

If you believe God is righteous, do you think its ok to side with a group that tries to justify sin?

If you believe God is merciful to all humanity not wanting any to perish do you treat anyone differently?

If you believe the Bible is true do you slack off from work despite the Bible telling you to do all your work for the Lord since while we may get a paycheck now our reward is from God?

Ultimately your actions say more about your beliefs any words you may say. So now I have one final question for you:


Is the God you believe in the God of the Bible? Or is He some creation of your own to suit your own desires? Which is really no God at all.

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