My story of Christ

I came from a non-Christian household and while my mother was religious, she didn’t believe in any one religion. As a kid she took me to our local Catholic church where I was baptized and dreaded going to church every week. I’d rather sit with my dad and watch football like he would. Eventually I got my wish and then about a year later my mom stopped going to the Catholic because they put up a cross for each baby that is aborted each day and the priest would talk about abortion on a few occasions, one of which caused her to stand up and walk out of the service.

I continued to excel in school, but didn’t fit in with my class and became the subject of bullying in middle school. In eight grade, in part because I was doing great in my classes but didn’t want to show up to school because I thought it was a waste of time and also because I wasn’t fitting in socially with kids my age, my parents were able to transfer me to a different school district.

At this point in time I considered myself an agnostic, but really I just didn’t care about religion and didn’t want to think of God at all. Basically, toward God I was apathetic at best and at times hostile to the things of God since I was forced to go to church events. I would tell myself that science better explained how  humanity came to earth and didn’t question anything the school told me regarding science. I figured that science textbooks had to be correct, but as I go through life and the more I learned about science the more I realized this wouldn’t be true.

It wasn’t until I started dating a Christian girl that things got real for me. She would occasionally bring things up that would have to do with church or God, and I’d usually tune her out for the most part. But about 1 ½ years into the relationship I started to get waves of depression and guilt. With dating her, I had to start thinking about things in the eternal sense since she would constantly bring it up one way or another as I tried to lead her into things that didn’t glorify God and she’d absolutely refuse.

Finally right before I turned 16 I was forced to make up my mind about God one way or another. While on an online chat with my girlfriend, God completely took control of things as she shared the gospel with me and it was at that moment that I knew without a shadow of a doubt that Jesus had died for my sins and that I’d be joining Him in heaven one day. I still didn’t understand the full impact of this though, and so when a youth group event came up called Acquire the Fire I attended and gave my entire life to Christ. From that point on, I’ve been able to see God’s hand in all sorts of circumstances.

Since my decision to follow Christ, I no longer have the waves of depression any more since I can rest secure in God’s hand knowing that despite my failures, I’m going to be with Him in heaven. I now work not for my own gain, but to share God’s grace with everyone including you so that we may all be able to rest in Him. Would you like to know how you can find rest and meaning in your life through God?

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