A study on James 2:18-26 – Faith Working With Deeds

INTRODUCTION The book of James is considered one of the most strict and legalistic books in the Bible. It is full of commands for Christians to live a Godly life. The book has a history of being either thrown out entirely or misunderstood.  Luther essentially took James out of the Bible as far as he … More A study on James 2:18-26 – Faith Working With Deeds

My story of Christ

I came from a non-Christian household and while my mother was religious, she didn’t believe in any one religion. As a kid she took me to our local Catholic church where I was baptized and dreaded going to church every week. I’d rather sit with my dad and watch football like he would. Eventually I … More My story of Christ

What is Christian?

Recently there has been a slew of music bands that are trying to forsake the title of “Christian Music” for their Genre. They are claiming that there music should fall under whatever Genre they compose their music under such as Rap or Rock and Roll or any number of other Genres but that they are … More What is Christian?